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New Album “The Oracle” close to being finished…

Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks are busy finishing up their new album with producer Brian Frederick at Secret Hill Studios. The album is called “The Oracle” and features some beautiful ancient metaphysical imagery and love songs. For the last month, I had larangitis which prevented me from recording any vocals. So, we finished up the instrumentation of the album, which has turned out to be very harp and cello-heavy, with all other instruments (if we used any) taking a back seat.

Losing my voice surprised me as it turned out to be a very emotionally challenging experience. I had become used to what a joyful expression and stress-relief singing has been for me for years. It’s not just that I like to sing, it’s that I NEED to sing. My heart just sings. I started singing when I was 15 out of absolute emotional necessity. Singing, writing music, and painting kept me grounded in who I am, as it allowed me to channel out the huge emotions I needed to express at that tumultuous time in my life. Ever since I found my voice back then, it has become a part of me and made me who I am. Staying quiet for a few weeks gave me a deeper experience of who I am and how important my voice is to my life’s purpose. So, in silence, I followed the ear/nose/throat doctors orders, cancelled a few shows, took my chinese herbs, did acupuncture, and a few healing rituals here and there and my voice is finally on its way back to its strong self.

Last night was our first vocal recording session after my vocal rest.  It felt like I was back to being myself again. I could have cried I was so happy to have a beautiful sound come out of my mouth when I opened it. I hope my gratitude in that experience will be felt when you hear the album.


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