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New live album release “The Goddess Project”

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Last year we created a live album, recorded and filmed live in studio, which we called “The Goddess Project”. Most of the songs tell the story of a goddess from Celtic mythology, and I include me telling the story of the song in the videos. The project will be gradually released online for the next year, a song at a time, and we will also eventually release the full album as a download and physical album. Follow us on instagram @joyshannon or facebook to be updated about this new project!

Thank you to our incredible band, film and sound crew: director Matt Kollar, dp/lights Matt Maguire, sound engineer Brian Frederick, at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, CA, with Amelia Barron on vocals, Jill Cassaboom on vocals and harp, Daryl Hernandez on electric guitar, Luis Urquidi on acoustic guitar, June A. Jung on violin, and Michael Malinowski on percussion.


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