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Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks now with Kalinkaland Records

We are pleased to announce that Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks are releasing “The Oracle” worldwide with the German label Kalinkaland this autumn 2013. Kalinkaland specializes in “dreamy music” that spans the categories of Ethereal, Ambient, Darkwave and Progressive Metal.

We are truly honoured to be amongst the artists they represent, including the beautiful German ethereal band Chandeen, the wonderful, imaginative songwriter Jo Gabriel (who Joy recorded with a few years ago), the coldwave dreampunkers Love in Prague, ambient/avant garde artist Löwenritter, new wave band Amber Smith, dreamy shoegazers Dark Orange and Sea Surfer, progressive metal band Hidden Timbre, and Swedish songwriter John Alexader Ericson.

Check out and support Kalinkaland. (The site will come up in German first, and you can change it to English in the upper right hand corner.)


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