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New Review of the Upcoming Album on Sonic Abuse


Sonic Abuse, based out of the UK, just reviewed the new album “Mo Anam Cara”. It is perhaps the best review of our music we have ever gotten! They said: “Perhaps the best way to consider this music is not in terms of loose genre specifications but as the soundtrack to an unwritten film exploring the darker recesses of Lothlorien…” and “From the opening notes to the closing bars it is clear that Joy Shannon makes music first and foremost for herself, and the result is an album that is beautiful, personal and magical. There is darkness and beauty here alongside love, lust and vengeance and the album takes the listener on a journey that is fraught with danger and mystery and which is all the better for it. If you enjoy exploring the wonderful world of music for its deepest and most hidden treasures, then ‘Mo Anam Cara’ is an album you should track down at all costs. Mysterious, tragic, beautiful and bold, it defies categorisation and offers a rare glimpse into an otherwise lost world.”

Read the full review here.


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